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Hubble Lithium designs, engineers, and supplies Lithium batteries for the solar, renewable and power backup industry in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We pride ourselves in providing reliable energy storage solutions and are constantly innovating  on the latest in Lithium battery technologies to bring our clients safe high quality lithium battery products.

We value customer satisfaction and take a hands-on approach with all our clients aiming to develop strong relationships and quality service. 

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We have our own engineers and software developers that design our own Lithium battery products for the renewable and power backup market.

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We only use the highest quality prismatic cells from leading manufacturers. This includes BYD, CATL and NMC  prismatic Li-Ion cells known as the leaders in high quality lithium cells.

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After sales support and backup is top a priority for us. We have two service centers, one in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We carry a large range of spares and parts to assure best turnaround times, as well as provide ongoing support to our clients when needed.

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At Hubble Lithium we invest in our products through ongoing research and development. We have a R&D facility that is designing new innovative solutions. We are constantly innovating and staying agile to adapt to this fast changing market.


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Due to safety precautions we only sell directly to qualified installers and registered resellers. If you would like to purchase our products as an end-user we would be more than happy to send you the details of our most trusted supplier.

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