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From powering our devices to powering our homes and cars, batteries have become an essential component in supplying our technologically driven society with the energy now required to survive.


As the urgency of the power supply and climate crisis continues to rise, energy storage solutions have become the answer to moving away from planet-destroying fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.


First developed in 1970 for Sony video recorders, Lithium-ion batteries have been making their mark as viable energy storage solutions with their excellent efficiency and ease of maintenance compared to their lead-acid counterparts and are rapidly becoming the answer to a cleaner, brighter future for the world.


With high-performing, reliable batteries ranging from 1.2KWh – 2.5MWh, and an innovative research and development department, we pride ourselves on providing premium power solutions for every need.

Founded amid the 2020 COVID catastrophe, we have, in just 2 years, become one of the leading Lithium-ion battery manufacturers in South Africa and are just getting started.


2022 particularly saw incredible growth with new game-changing products released, staff expansion, and the launch of the Hubble Cloudlink App – available now on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The Hubble Cloudlink is an innovative device that allows for remote internet monitoring of critical battery settings and system features, which not only enables customers and installers to monitor their systems over the cloud but also assists our technical support team in quickly providing diagnostics and solutions with ease.


Hubble offers service and accessible assistance nationwide to resellers and end-users alike with a dedicated in-house technical support & service team.


The AM-10 is the largest in the Hubble Lithium AM-Series product range consisting of high-quality prismatic LiFePO4 cells and, like the AM-5, it features unlimited cycles within the Hubble Lithium 10 warranty, a ground-breaking first in the South African energy market.


The rest of our popular AM-Series consists of energy storage solutions ranging from 2.6kWh to 5.5kWh which are compatible with most leading inverter brands. The batteries can be easily wall-mounted or rack-installed and as such are a convenient, neat solution for installers.


Additionally, we provide perfect lead-acid replacements with our S-100A. This 12V lithium batteries can be paralleled in 48V with up to 16 batteries, or, configured in series as 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V.


The future holds exciting possibilities for our proudly South African brand of batteries that is growing solid roots in the local market and setting its sights on global expansion.

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Hubble Service Department
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Corné Le Roux

I was desperate for batteries, my dad passed away recently. Their inverter gel batteries reached the end of their lifetime. Imagine your elderly mother alone on a farm during load-shedding. 


Well, Eesa came to the rescue. He did everything possible to make sure that we got new lithium batteries. 


On-time as promised. 


Eesa thank you for your professional, prompt response and service!


I appreciate it. I will recommend you where ever I go. 

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