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cloudlink changelog

23 NOVEMBER 2022

Cloudlink Version 4.5.8

New features:

  • Improved performance of WiFi and reduced bandwidth requirements 

  • Location tracking, added an anti-theft mode that once enabled collects high resolution tracking data.

  • Reduce occurrence of spurious data sent to the Portal

  • Add compatibility with new battery models from Hubble (AM5, AM10, Blade and HV)

  • Add compatibility with new BMS Firmware V1.50, V2.50 and V4.50 of the AM2, AM4, X101 and X200

  • More advance remote support features for AM2, AM4, X101 and X200

  • Refinements to adaptive limits sent over CAN bus to the inv

  • Refinements to the CAN bus Victron protocol

  • Support new ethernet Cloudlink hardware V2

Bug Fixes

  • For configurations where the Cloudlink with Firmware version V4.5.0 is connected RS232 to inverter and CAN bus to battery (ie reverse CAN). Battery voltage would not report correctly when CAN bus communication between the Cloudlink and battery is lost. The Cloudlink now falls back to INV readings where possible.

  • Where more than 15 batteries in parallel are used and connected to more than 1 cloudlink there was a change that some of the supplementary data could be incorrectly reported.

  • Allow for more consistent collection of the device's location.

05 September 2022

Cloudlink Version 4.5.0

1. Improved performance of WiFi

2. Reduced bandwidth requirements

3. More advance remote support features

4. More responsive loading of inverter setting widgets

5. Some of the dashboards, dashboard states, widgets respond to the cloudlink's firmware version to add new functionality.

6. Location tracking, increased its robustness and accuracy

7. Battery

  • Up to 240 batteries can be paralleled on one site by connecting Cloudlinks in parallel

8. Energy meters

  • Support up to 32 energy meters in parallel

9. Inverters

  • Offline access to inverter settings (history)

  • Separate info and settings pages for Voltronic vs Sunsynk

  • Added support for MegaTech/Galleon UPS's

  • Collect data from multiple parallel inverters - Added a popup widget to show the graphs of this data

  • Collet data from up to 4 MPPT’s per inverter - Added a popup widget to show the graphs of this data

10. Voltronic (Axpert, Kodak, Phocos, RCT, Synapse, Mecer, ...)

  • Support more inverter software versions and models

  • Improved data integrity

  • Allow ECO mode to be toggled

  • Added option for setting "Utility Charge Amp Limit"

  • Only settings applicable to the model or brand are visible

11. Sunsync and Deye

  • Support more inverter software versions and models

  • Improved data integrity

  • Added widget for changing inverter settings

12. Victron

  • Full implementation of every CAN ID including the extended packets

  • New menus available on the GX / colour control

13. Cloudlink with Ethernet

  • Remote management of networks

  • Static IP / DHCP, DNS, Gateway, subnet,…

14. Bug Fixes

  • Location tracking

  • Improved support for reading data from Voltronic inverters that have a rating of more than 5 kVA

  • reduced occurrence of data spikes

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