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215kwh Rack datasheet 3452345.png

Energy storage solution offered as standalone or containerized. Scalable to required capacity. 

The HV-768 features a rated capacity of 280Ah and boasts a nominal voltage of 768V with a 0.5C rating. 

Specification: 768V 215kWh
Rating: 0.5C
CAN Bus: Yes
Hubble Cloudlink Included: Yes


  • Intelligent Touch Screen

  • 0.5C High-Performance ESS

  • High cycle and service life

  • Easy Rackmount System Modules

  • Cloudlink 24/7 monitoring included

  • Compatible with most High Voltage Inverters

  • Modular HV System for ease of transport and installation

  • CAN Bus comms fully integrates with leading inverter brands 


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