The MLT inverters are fully compatible with the Hubble range of batteries. 

The following field guide will assist with the correct battery settings you should use.

For further detailed information ensure you read the manual of the supplied battery regarding the setup and installation instructions.


INVERTER example

MLT inverter

Setting up a Hubble with a MLT Powerstart is incredibly easy.

Simply plug in the Hubble master battery into the CAN bus port of the MLT Powerstart. This will automatically setup the below values.

Inverter settings MLT Powerstart
Inverter settings MLT Powerstart
Inverter settings MLT Powerstart


Below are the Hubble BMS, Cloudlink, and Luxpower side pinouts.
Note that the Hubble Lithium BMS pinouts are the same as the Cloudlink CAN pinouts.

mlt inverter pinlayouts


​For correct setup and communication each battery needs a unique serial address in order to communicate. If you are only using one battery in your setup, consider this the master battery and ensure you set it to address 1.

Dip switch table MLT
Dip switch MLT

pin layout

Is there communications between the MLT Powerstar inverter and the Hubble Lithium batteries?

The Hubble range of batteries communicate to inverters using the CAN port. The MLT Powerstar inverter range has a CAN bus port where the Hubble directly interfaces with the MLT inverter. Simply plug in and complete the CAN Bus setup as per the MLT user manual.

How do you setup multiple batteries?


See table above and check your product manual for a more detailed explanation. You will have to set dip switch settings per battery to give them a unique address. You also have to connect the included RJ45 battery link cables into the "Battery Link" port of each battery. Ensure your master battery dip switch 1 is on, 2,3,4 is OFF.  Only the master battery CAN Bus will be enabled. You can then connect the Hubble Cloudlink into the CAN port of the master battery for communications to work.

Do I have to use the communication battery link cables if i dont want to monitor or have communications?


Short answer No. However it is recommended to still connect the battery links and set the correct addresses. This also needs to be done if you want to connect a Hubble Cloudlink.