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The Revolutionary Hubble Blade

Updated: Jul 24

Launched in partnership with Voltex

Revolutionising energy storage solutions

We are proud to announce the launch of our Hubble Blade Battery. Featuring cutting-edge Blade cell technology, this 10kW, 7kWh battery is set to transform both the residential and business energy storage sectors by providing superior safety features, high energy density, excellent lifespan and efficient charging capabilities.

Safe and Reliable Energy Storage

Whether for residential or business applications, safety is of the utmost importance to us. The unique blade-shaped design of the Blade Battery significantly decreases the risk of thermal runaway and combined with our advanced BMS safety mechanisms, ensures exceptional safety standards.

LONGER Lifespan

The blade's innovative design, coupled with efficient thermal management and built-in protection against short-circuiting and overcharging, helps mitigate battery degradation, allowing for long lifespans and reduced maintenance costs.


The rapid charging capabilities of the Hubble Blade ensure that energy is readily available when needed. This is especially useful for South African home and business owners affected by higher load-shedding stages and have shorter periods with power. Within Europe, this will enable homeowners to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing, allowing them to charge the battery during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.


Like our AM-5 and AM-10, the Blade battery comes with a 10-year, unlimited-cycle warranty (Ts & Cs Apply). Which allows users to cycle their batteries freely, within the 10-year warranty period.

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