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The X-101 is the next generation of the popular X-100 model. The X-101 now has CAN bus built in and is a higher density Lithium Battery, using the latest cell technology. It is now a 5.5KW pack.

Specification: 48V  5.5KWh
Rating: 1C
Parallel: up to 15 units per string
​Extras: Battery Link & DC cables included
​CAN Bus: Yes
Hubble Cloudlink Ready: Yes


  • Low self discharge

  • High cycle and service life

  • 1C High performance lithium battery

  • Heavy duty handles for easy handling

  • Installs easily in a standard server rack

  • Excellent high temperature performance

  • Advanced BMS with current limiting function

  • Compatible with most inverters and chargers

  • High energy density and conversion efficiency

  • Cloudlink integration ready for cloud monitoring

  • Complete with integrated Battery Management System

  • Built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature

  • CAN Bus, fully integrates and communicates with leading Inverter brands

the X-101

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